Tapping into the thousand year old tradition of the Pacific Islander’s original concept of the trolled lure, BahamaLure is producing an unique and unmistakable modern equivalent. Using the very latest in modern Hi-Tech equipment and materials coupled with old school handmade techniques these lures have quickly become some of the most desired lures today.

 Every one of the BahamaLure line was designed and tested in the Bahamas, and has been tuned and balanced to perfection.


EYES – BahamaLures are designed to mimic squid with their oversized and highly visible eyes. Gamefish can see the eye at great distances and zero in on it all the way to the bite. The BahamaLure eyes are a high contrast pearl made in house and give these lures an uncanny ‘live’ appearance. Since developing these eyes the catch rates have gone wild with numerous reports of marlin and other gamefish repeatedly re-attacking the lure if they miss the first time.

BALANCE – BahamaLures feature a keel weighting system whereby the counterweight is placed directly below the center hole. This gives the lures incredible stability, even in the roughest following sea conditions they will remain upright and will not roll. There are three advantages – a) the lure will not pull on it’s side or upside down, even the symmetrical heads. Coupled with the big eyes this ensures the lures appear alive at all times, no squid or bait fish swims on it’s sides. b) Using the lock behind the lure head the hook rig may be set at a desired position with the hook point up, down, left or right. Again, this is even true of the symmetrical headed lures and can only be achieved with a keeled lure. c) no line twist as the lures do not roll over.

CONSTRUCTION – All production BahamaLures are matched and against their original masters to ensure they are all first generation reproductions. Though ‘hard’ the resin heads are a softer durometer than glass and will not split, crack or shatter even when a fish thrashes one against the fish box. The shell decoration is Paua or oyster shell from Hawaii, high quality holographic tapes, mirrors and metal leaf such as Gold, Silver and Copper. All the steps of production are done entirely by hand with every piece receiving equal care and attention to detail. Once de-molded the lures are honed to a high gloss before skirting.

COLOR – or a change of color is the basis of BahamaLure’s color schemes. A squid changes color when attacked so all the lures have more than one color in them to mimic this color shift. The eyes are always a high contrast to the base head color to ensure they are highly visible. Iridescent pearls make the eyes appear real and three dimensional. The metal foil eyes are highly reflective adding extra flash.