BahamaLure Big Game Fishing Lures were designed and ocean tested in the islands of the Bahamas. They look, run and catch big fish like no others. Each lure is a hand crafted, poured and  perfectly keel balanced piece that will swim correctly every time out. With their unique Dragon Hide or shell inserts, glow white or fluorescent eyes and iridescent base colors these lures are truly works of art. Gamefish will key in on the high contrast life like eyes visible from long distances and will repeatedly attack the lure, even passing by natural baits to do so.

BahamaLures also feature a keel-weight whereby ballast weight is placed only in the lower half of the lure head giving each lure incredible stability even in very rough seas. This feature keeps even the symmetrically shaped lures running upright at all times.

Handmade with care and pride in USA and catching fish Worldwide!


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